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Phoenix and Flame Podcast

Feb 12, 2024

Is your life script in desperate need of a rewrite?  Are you frustrated and irritated with all your life's narratives that seem to keep you in bondage?  LIsten as Deanna Moffitt explains how liberation, peace, and strength can be yours by challenging your life "stories."

Jan 28, 2024

Do you view your diagnoses as disabilities?  Learn how to experience your unique qualities as assets designed to help you thrive!  Katherine McCord discusses how neurodiversities should be not only accepted but embraced!

Jan 14, 2024

Nico Lagan shares his transformational journey from being an addict and drug dealer to living a life of faith while being a fearless champion of strong men.  He addresses toxic masculinity and what traits make a "good" man and why.


Dec 31, 2023

Are you frustrated by trying to live your life as defined by others?  Have you ever been pushed to the point of suicide or felt totally adrift in the pain of grief?  Listen to Portia Booker's story of navigating a toxic work environment followed by her mother's death and how she found grace in her grief.


Dec 10, 2023

Do you struggle with people-pleasing?  Is it hard for you to say "No?"  Listen to Jennifer Schwytzer's story of using boundaries to reduce stress, honor her own opinions, and extend kindness to herself.